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The Declaration of Sealand

OOC: Fanon on the Whale



OOC: Fanon on the Whale

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Because I like talking about fanon... Today I will share my theories on the Whale that seems to hang out around Sealand sometimes.  In my opinion it isn't a whale at all (not just the blobby shape, America's whale buddy is pretty blobby too! I am of course talking about how it looks roughly the size of a beachball most of the time, maybe double the size at best).

I think it might actually be a faerie creature summoned by England to watch over Sealand after the 'invasion' in 1978.  Becaue y'know, I do think Arthur cares just as much about Peter, as Peter does for Arthur.  Both are too stubborn to actually admit it though. 

Before he met Latvia and Iceland (and others?) he was kind of lonely and friend-not-having, he wished really hard for a friend.  Some because of that wish he became able to see the whale-thing (though maybe not other faeries probably).  He doesn't think she's a faerie however, and insists that she's actually just a tiny whale.

I'm not sure if England would actually know yet if Sealand is aware of the Whale/is friends with it.
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