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The Declaration of Sealand

OOC- Universal High~



OOC- Universal High~

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So I just recently joined </a></b></a>universal_high so I'll be using this journal for rp entries for Universal High as well as for Nation Ask. Unless a journal entry will work for the purposes of both in general, I'll be sure to mark in the topic which rp the entry relates to.

Also, because I made a few small changes for the purposes of the rp, Here's Sea-kun Universal High Bio.

{ Character Information }
☆ Nation/City/State: Sealand
☆ Human Name: Peter Kirkland
☆ Age: 14
☆ Grade: Freshman
☆ Birthday: September 2

☆ Physical Description: He’s still pretty small for his age, and besides his blue eyes (and his hair which is way nicer looking then Arthur’s) he looks pretty much like a smaller clone of his brother. His uniform blazer is a little too big for him, and the sleeves nearly cover his hands so he usually rolls them up. It was bought too big with the mentality that ‘he’d grow into it in no time at all!’

☆ Personality Description: He’s actually a really smart kid, but he has almost a complete lack of common sense which leads him to do strange things (such as impersonating other people using clever disguises, and being far too boastful). It’s gotten him into a lot of trouble on occasion. But even despite that he’s still clever enough to know when to be polite and charming (though those moments are not as common as his brother would like). His tendencies to act up and pull stunts stem from a desire to be the center of attention, since most of the time he’s either ignored or told to go play/watch cartoons quietly somewhere else. Most of the time he tends to display an extreme animosity (or at least annoyance) towards his brother, but deep down inside he wishes they had a better relationship (and he probably does hold quite a bit of respect for him). However their clashing personalities and ideas on nation status prevent that from happening.

He’s pretty sensitive about his appearance and it drives him insane that he looks so much like Arthur, and absolutely HATES being compared to him in any way. Hearing comparisons just makes him want to surpass his brother all the more. For him it is not a question of ‘if?’, it’s a question or ‘when and how?’ He believes that once he can finally achieve that he’ll finally not only gain the acceptance and recognition of the other nations, but most importantly from Arthur himself.

☆ History:
Little did Arthur know that when he built the small military platform know as HMS Fort Roughs during WW2 it would eventually turn into one of his biggest headaches…

While a nice adoring picture perfect little brother during the war, afterwards when he was decommissioned Peter turned into somewhat of a delinquent. First he decided to get into pirate radio stations, which seemed to be a good and rebellious thing to do at the time. However that didn’t seem like it was getting him enough attention so he began to plot something bigger. Technically that jerk had said the fortress didn’t belong to him any longer, it was outside the range of his territory. Therefore what didn’t belong to Arthur was up for grabs! HIS grabs! Which meant that the fortress was officially his and Arthur couldn’t complain. So he wasted little time in declaring himself his own country.

And thus the saga of Sealand began…

He made his own flag and currency and even got an anthem. He even fought a great war before (and discovered his mortal enemies Germany and The Netherlands during it). Lately he’s been slowly getting more and more attention as he becomes more involved in the internet. He even almost got a satellite from Russia that he was going to use to create a super ace online casino. Unfortunately his big uptight brother didn’t approve of him taking satellites from strangers and put an immediate halt to the plan.

When he found out about Universal High, and the fact that his brother was currently enrolled in it, he immediately made preparations to try and enroll himself. After all not only did it look like a great opportunity to spread the word about the great empire of Sealand, it looked really fun too! And he wasn’t going to let that jerk hog all the fun either!

☆ Pets: King Miks, a big marmalade cat. Peter got him for Christmas some time ago. Once should note that while King has a masculine name it’s actually a girl cat.

☆ Other: Peter has been aged two years from his canon ‘age’ to comply with the guidelines of the rp. However physically and personality wise there aren’t many changes.
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