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The Declaration of Sealand

I will make you accept me!





Skipped Back 10

March 10th, 2009

So recently I created a Tegaki account for Sealand!

But I kind of suck pretty bad at drawing directly onto the computer (usually I draw/ink thinks and then scan and color...)

So the best way to improve is practice y/y?

So I thought I'd have fun with that and take a few... unusual requests...

Basically you aren't going to know exactly what pairing you will be requesting.

You pick two numbers between 1 and 60, and then give a brief prompt about what you would like to see involved in the picture (it can be anything from one word like 'cutsey' or a sentence like 'They're going on a picnic!' just nothing you know... a paragraph long or anything).

Each number will correspond with a certain character on the secret list in the first response to thread (which will remain masked until all the requests are in)

Once a number is taken, that number can not be chosen again! I'll update this post as needed~

As an added bonus there are a few age variation characters (such as Chibi!America) and a few non-nation characters (like Hanatamago)

The Character List (if it's blank it's free to take!)

1 Germania
2 Tibet
3 Vietnam
4 Sealand
5 America
6 Iceland
7 Ukraine
8 Turkey
9 North Italy
10 Germany
11 Chibi!America
12 China
13 Finland
14 Japan
16 Adult!Sealand
17 Austria
18 Tony
19 Chibitalia
20 Prussia
24 Belarus
25 Norway
26 Poland
28 Chibi!UK
29 Seycelles
30 Belgium
31 Korea
33 Rome
35 UK
36 South Italy
37 Cuba
38 Greece
39 Spain
40 Hanatamago
41 Kumajirou
42 Britannia Angel
43 Hungary
44 Denmark
45 HRE
49 Maskless!Turkey
50 Bulgaria
52 France
55 Lithuania
57 Chibi!Canada
59 Boy!Hungary
60 Hong Kong

I'll continue to take crack couple requests until all of the characters are gone or I get bored :P

(All requests will probably be pretty doodly...)


Japan seduces Korea

Poland spy's Chibi!Canada's undies

N. Italy tries to get Cuba to kiss him

Britannia Angel comforts Turkey

Prussia and China after an all nighter

Sealand and Hungary - Girl's Night out!

EDIT: as an FYI I'm probably not going to be doing these in exact order! I'll fill them as they thoughts hit! But I'll try and fill as many as I can!

February 25th, 2009

Well since a couple people have asked for it I thought I'd post my AIM contacts up here...

You can find me at...

Manta Maverick



My Daddy and Mommy are the best! XDCollapse )

February 24th, 2009

OOC- Head Fannon!

what is this?!
So after reading a couple other head-fannon things I thought I’d do one for Sealand!


A lot of how I play Sealand is based on my own assumptions based on both hints in the few comics he’s in, and a little bit on real world cannon since he’s still a relatively obscure character (though not nearly as much as some others).

Long Ramblings below the cut...Collapse )

February 8th, 2009

My LiveJournal Sitcom
At a day spa (SHOWTIME, 2:30): peter_kirkland (Tom Sizemore) eats raivis_latvia (Sidney Poitier)'s raspberry cheesecake. Afterwards, peter_kirkland (Tom Sizemore) tries on imperium_primum (Kevin Bacon)'s pants without permission. Also, hana_tamago (Josh Hartnett) bites lithuania_toris (Gabrielle Anwar). Upstairs, nipponpon (John Cusack)'s new friend alienates alt_for_noreg (Matthew Perry). The next day, nicebananas (Teri Hatcher) breaks moisanta (Monica Bellucci)'s old 100-meter-dash record, but nobody sees it happen. Crazy results follow.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

January 26th, 2009

Don't laugh! It's a silly little thing, but for some reason it's been bugging me XD And I doubt the answer is likely to pop up in the comic XD

Do you think Sea-kun can see faeries too?


Sorry for wasting your time ):

January 8th, 2009

Saw someone link to this comic in the kink meme...


I wanna know what's going on... It looks too cute. UK looks horrified though XD

November 30th, 2008

OOC post

Since I've been poking in other country profiles and I've noticed a lot of these I thought I'd post one too.

If anyone has any complaints or tips with how I play Sea-kun please let me know~

Comments are screened...

For the future of the Empire

Well things are going pretty slow here lately. I'm beginning to think creating the Empire of Sealand is going to take a little longer then I originally thought. But Rome wasn't built in a day so I guess I have to be patient here. I'll just give it a few more years. I've started making plans for an online casino too, so hopefully that'll bring in enough to start funding a real empire. When(if...?!) it finally launches I hope everyone will come and try their luck loose all their money to me!

Until then I created this map of how I think the world will look in the future to inspire me!

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