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The Declaration of Sealand

[IC - Sancutuary] Video Log 002



[IC - Sancutuary] Video Log 002

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[As the video goes on, Roughs is looking somewhat uncharacteristically disgruntled and grumpy. Which probably makes him look even more like England then he already does. Just don't tell him this.

He clears his through with an obnoxiously loud 'AHEM'.]

Good day! This is a message to all the jerks who run and work in this place! Well.. I guess you're not a jerk Doctor Mexico. You're really nice and you have a great selection of candy to share. But be careful you look like you could be easily influenced into jerkdom. Oh and Nurse Lisa and Nurse Rachel you're both nice and pretty so you're not jerks either and... where was I...?

Oh yeah!

To you jerks! I don't like this place anymore, it's boring. I want to go home and I want to go now. I don't like that I can't go outside, and I want my own bed back and my Teddy. My pillow here is too lumpy and stupid and I think there's a mouse in the wall here because I keep hearing this scritchy scratchy noise and it makes it hard to sleep especially with a lumpy pillow reject. AND GERMANY SNORES. At least I think it's him. GERMANY STOP SNORING! I don't have any earplugs you wanker!

In closing, let me go home you arseholes! And I don't know, give Germany some noseplugs or something? Oh and have someone see if they can find the mouse. That is all.

[And the screen goes blank. Like any kid he's feeling grumpy and homesick from being away so long.]
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    ... ?

    [ Cyprus leans in as soon as Sealand switches off his video. It's hard to tell if he's trying to find out where the boy went off to, or if he's just inspecting his monitor. ]
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      [He was just about to go off and do something that could probably get him in trouble, but he'd never seen this kid before, so he sat down again and switched his video back on]

      Oi, who are you? You look like you're my age! What's your name? Are you new here? You agree with me right?
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        [ He was back! Cyprus gasped and shrank in his chair, as if he didn't expect to see the other boy again. He didn't know what the other wanted to hear, or if he wanted to hear anything; instead he nodded dumbly, going along with whatever seemed to be bothering him. ]
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    [looks amazingly worried] A-Are you sure you want to call them jerks...? I-I mean, what if you get punished or s-something?
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      [Oh hey the kid he had the art therapy thing with! He was really in the mood for much talking but Latvia was really nice so he'd make an exception here.]

      I call it like I see it and anyone who goes around kidnapping folks in a certified jerk! And I'm not afraid of any jerks either!
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        Well, that is true, but... [blinks a little, then shakes his head] B-But they can hear you over these machines, I think, s-so what if they think you're bad and put you in a cage and hurt you...? [is really, really worried now]
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          Oh I said it over this thing 'cause I WANT those wankers to hear it. [he just doesn't get why Latvia sounds so worried, or why he should be worried either] This place is already a cage so let 'em do their worst!
          • [video]

            [is very uncomfortable by these words and shakes his head] You shouldn't want to get hurt...! I... d-don't really know what they would do to you, but... b-but it could be really awful! Maybe you could, um... [thinks for a moment, chewing his bottom lip] M-Maybe you could protest to Dr. del Oro! He seems like a nice person...
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              Well it's not like I want to get hurt. I'm just not afraid of something like that. [He paused for a moment thinking over what Latvia said] You think he might actually be able to help though?
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                [he frowns a little, and shakes his head] I don't know, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, right? I-I mean, compared to the other doctors I've met, he's the only one that actually listens...
                • Re: [video]

                  [looks thoughtful] You know now that you mention it, I don't think I've actually met the other doctors. I've just heard about them... I saw Doctor Huan's office though. It was sorta creepy.
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    Man, you can say all that again, kid. And yeah, Germany snores... I can hear it a few rooms down the hall!

    [ Leans back in his chair ]

    I wanna go home too but these dam-... [ Wonders if he should watch his language around this kid. ] -these damn doctors won't do a thing. I get really bored in here too... I don't care if it's cold outside, I just want some fresh air for once!

    Didn't know that there was a mouse going around though...
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