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The Declaration of Sealand

[IC - Sanctuary] Video Log 001



[IC - Sanctuary] Video Log 001

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[Roughs stares blankly at the screen for a few seconds before breaking out into a grin. He then sticks his tongue out and crosses his eyes, and then breaks out into a fit of giggles before making various other faces at the camera. He pauses for a moment and picks something up off screen and then ducks down below the view of the camera. Then suddenly a tyrannosaurus appears! Or rather one crudely drawn and cut out. And on the other side... a paper pirate! They proceed to have and epic battle complete with sound effects. Eventually though the tyrannosaurus falls before the might of the pirate. But just as the pirate is doing a victory jig... the tyrannosaurus LIVES again! And it eats him. After the reptile leaves the 'stage' a hand written sign is held up to the camera declaring it 'The End'.]
  • [Finland has no idea who this child is, or what he's doing here of all places, but the puppet show he provides is amusing, so at the end, Finland gives him a round of applause.]
  • [voice]

    [at first, Latvia just kinda stares, not really knowing what's going on or who this boy might be, but once the little "show" starts, he watches with interest, giggling softly, not even realizing that his audio is on]
    • Re: [voice]

      [Roughs pops back up after hearing the giggling, pleased that his audience enjoyed it.]

      Hey you liked it? Huh huh?
      • [video]

        [blinks from behind the veil of his computer screen, realizing that he's being spoken to, and flips on his video, smiling softly and nodding his head] Y-Yeah, it was entertaining...! Did... did you draw those...? [he gestures via the camera at the little paper figures]
  • [ Spends most of the puppet show watching with wide, attentive eyes, even letting out the occasional frightened yelp. By the end, however, Italy has his hands over his face and can barely bring himself to peek between his fingers. ]

    Mmh, w-what happened to the paper man, ve? How come the big lizard ate him? Bring him back! Bring him back, veee!
    • [After a moment's pause the 'The End' sign flutters away, and the pirate takes the stage once more, hopping around.]

      ARG! No bloody lizard is gonna eat me!
      • [ There he is! North Italy perks up again, eagerly watching the pirate. ]

        Sì, get him! Get him! You can do it, ve!
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